Monday, 15 May 2017

This week's diet and exercise round up

I started back on Weight Watchers this time last week. What a result - I weighed in and have lost an enormous 11 pounds!! Wow - biggest loss ever.

So, just over 10 pounds goal now to reach 4 weeks from today for my trip to Barcelona. I should smash that hopefully.

Exercise wise - I've done lots of housework and gardening, plus a couple of stints jogging / walking on the treadmill. As well as that, I've abstained from booze quite a few days in the week, and have stayed off anything fattening, sticking to my points every day.

I have done my abs, my squats, my kettle bells - I've worked quite hard, but not really enough. Need to ramp it up on the exercise front. I am doing well eating healthily, I now need to move more to reach my goal.

Good week though, and feeling pleased with my efforts. 4 weeks to go.