Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Banshee right from the start. It only ran for a couple of series, but its back on boxset so we have gone back for another go. The music it starts with is so dramatic - its packed full of violence, sex and corruption, but by god its brilliant. Helped not least by its very sexy lead, but its shock capacity and also its humour and real love at the heart of it, is compelling viewing. Second time around is actually better. Loving it - again. 

  • Game of Thrones. Back to the start - series 1. We watched GoT right up to the new series, then missed a few, then left it so long, we had forgotten where we were up to. So we have started again from the beginning. Its just as brutal second time around, and actually its worse when you know a character isn't going to last long - Sean Bean for one! So shocked the first watch, now just knowing its coming. Eek! Joffrey is still awful, but what a show. Absolutely love it, for all its language, accents, nudity, sex scenes, murder, adultery, abuse and beheadings - horses and people. Not for the faint hearted, but loving it all over again. 

  • Prison Break new series. I didn't get into this new series at first. Another prison for Michael, and I wasn't sure I was feeling it. Several episodes in, and its hooked me all over again. I thought it was a bit far fetched that Michael had to break out of yet another prison, but now its all starting to make sense, or rather, it isn't as the plot weaves and gets trickier to work out who the bad guys are. Great stuff. 

  • Emmerdale. So Rhona is back without any sign of Pierce. She needs to get that crime reported and tell Paddy so he can't creep his way back in. Emma Barton is doing my nut in at the moment - god bothering preaching everyone in sight, whilst backstabbing and being poison at every turn. The woman is a murderer - she needs to get what is coming - quick! Not happy with those thugs for doing that to Pollard, but what a coward is Dan. Emmerdale is so good at the moment. 

  • Billions. One more episode left of season 2. Ax's wife Lara - seriously - he did nothing that bad and she ups and leaves, then comes back and is all weird? Has she not seen the bank balance and that she knew Ax was brutal? Grrr. And as for Chuck - has he really lost his entire fortune to get Axlerod and is ok with that? Surely he can't take him down this time. I hope not - I am loving this program - best in a long time. Series finale to go - omg - nervous already.