Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hottest June day ever - how to keep cool

As the temperatures have reached 30 and over, its time to think how to keep cool. Here is my round up of what you can do to be just like Fonzie:

  • Keep the windows open upstairs to keep air circulating
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Ditch the thick socks
  • Keep hydrated with water
  • Carry a spritz or cool spray with you
  • Keep your feet bare when you can 
  • Keep a hat on - stop that head getting burnt
  • Slap on the sun screen - hot is bad, burnt is worse
  • Turn on the fans
  • Stay in the shade
  • Keep your car windows down a jot
  • Pop your toes in cold water
  • Get your bikini out
  • Slip on your shorts
  • Sleep in the buff
  • Ditch the foundation and go for the tinted moisturiser
  • Put your umbrella up
  • Put your flip flops in the fridge
  • Make some ice cubes
  • Grab an ice lolly
  • Eat salads
  • Use cold flannels
  • Chill your drinks
  • Grab an iced tea