Saturday, 3 June 2017

V Festival - 4 times!!

I've been to the V Festival a few times. This evening, I decided to have a look at the line up for the festivals I went to. I thought that I have been to V99, V2000 and V2004.

However, I can recall who headlined (not necessarily when) and on looking back, I remember watching a lot of acts that were only at V2003!! I have actually been 4 times!!

Once I started to think about it, I started to remember different things. Like getting sunburnt the first year I went - V99.

V2000 I got bumped on the head jumping up and down in the crowd. Ouch. V2004 was when someone stole our camp chairs.

V2003, the missing festival, was the one when I lost my tent!! I went for a toilet break in the early hours of the morning. Those lovely chemical loos - yuck. I got all disorientated though, and could not remember where my tent was!! I spent ages tripping over guide ropes hunting for the tent.

I eventually found it. V2004 I took a silver tent so it stood out!! Not sure how I have forgotten that I went 4 times, but now I know, thats just fabulous!!

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