Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Weekly Weigh in - The Results are In!

I set myself a puffickly huh-uge target for my weight loss this week.Well, its week 1 and I always tend to get the best loss in the first week. So I went for it. Then I was a bit offside at the weekend - nothing serious, just dodgy tum - something I ate, didn't eat, should have eaten - who knows! So I thought it might have scuppered my chances, so it wasn't without trepidation that I dragged me feet towards the scales.

So what was the target loss I was aiming for? Well, a huh-uge 10lbs was the goal. So what was the result? I am astounded to say I actually managed it! Well, less about 0.2 of a pound. Wow!

So just 22 more pounds to shift now in exactly 5 weeks! Eek. Anyhoo - got to run - on the treadmill - right now. 5 pounds to lose this week :)