Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Weigh in disaster looms:(

So I weigh in tomorrow. Oh. My. God!! I know its going to be bad, but bad doesn't even come close. I cannot keep doing this to myself.

I start to feel good about my body, my weight, then I relax, eat, drink and be far too merry, resulting in feeling like I do right now. I feel fat, out of shape, bloated and over indulged. I feel ugly and ashamed and embarassed. 2 stones I have gained, and a few pounds.

My clothes either don't fit, or look horrendous. My underwear digs in and makes unsightly bulges. When I sit down, I look like sodding Pilsbury!! So, right now, this minute, it stops. For good.

This is the last diet I shall ever start again. I mean of course, I shall have to lose the holiday weight, the Christmas weight etc.. in the future, but I am sick to the back teeth of going back to the starting point by going totally OTT. If I gain half a stone, then I should rein it in and get it off. No, me I gain half a stone then keep on at it, gaining and gaining.

Enough.Again. Restart!!

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