Saturday, 3 June 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Corrie. Difficult watching this week. First off, I was convinced it wasn't Daniel, then I was convinced he killed him mum - blimey. Then Nick has gone totally off his bonce in his determination to destroy Peter and Steve - royally backfired. Then Shona tried to intervene and got battered for it. Flipping heck corrie - and as for Bethany - scary. 

  • Emmerdale. Carlie - nooo!!! Just do not hurt Marlon. And as for that church window for Ashley - hilarious! Not seeing anything of Harriet and Cain - was loving that storyline too! 

  • Salvage Hunters. I am so obsessed with this program. Drew is just so cool. He visited an old factory who manufacture bells, and it was amazing what gems he found, but the one that amazed me was this side table in a big old country house. Its there, just behind the sofa with a phone and mags etc.. on the top of it and Drew spotted it - its worth £100K! Jeez. Fabulous stuff - makes me want to get a van and head off hunting for salvage. 

  • Banshee. So we are rewatching from the start and its even better second time around. When you know what's coming, you can concentrate on things you miss the first time around. Its such a well thought through plot, and all the characters both the main leads and the supporting cast are so superb. You are literally transported to a different world for an hour. Fabulous. 

  • Game of Thrones. Sean Bean has already been killed off - series 1 - jeez! You really never know in the GoT world who is going to be bumped off next! Fabulous, brutal, gory and highly sexual - amazing program. Looking forward to getting totally up to date - goodness only knows what the future will bring! Loving Daenerys - Queen of Dragons.