Sunday, 25 June 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Big Brother. Having been off on a short break, I've been watching by bulk on catch up, and seriously, having watched several episodes one after another I think I need counselling. Since when did everyone get so angry at each other over absolutely nothing? That Suki lady said a bag was over her head - er no, it was just about covering your hair. Celebs came in, celebs left. Friends fell out, enemies became close - its the most bonkers yet!! 

  • Banshee. We have just started Series 4, which sadly is the last ever series of this amazing drama. It has it all - love, lust, sex and violence, loyalty, family, betrayal, feuds, murder, retribution - you name it. The main character Lucas Hood, who isn't really who he is, is amazing. His ex / love of his life is the coolest female ever - she kicks ass. As sidekicks go, job takes some beating. The actors, the script, the bad guys - absolutely slick and utterly shocking. Brilliant. 

  • Emmerdale. OMG - someone stabbed Harriet! What will Cain do and will she survive? Some serious nasties in the Dales of late. Those horrible school boys and what they did to Eric, now this? It was quite funny seeing Robert get his own back on Ross, but now this. Dangerous Dales it should be called. Oh and whilst I at it - will someone please sort Pierce out - he is the worst of the worst badies bar one. 

  • Corrie. All bar the baddiest baddie ever - Nathan. Finally Bethany sees it - thank god for Mary. Who'd have thought it would be her that finally got through to Bethany? The Barlows still don't know what Daniel did, and Robert is trying to help him - not sure about Robert. Noone can be all good. As for Aidan and Maria - it looks like the game is up - come on Eva - a woman scorned and all that!