Thursday, 13 July 2017

3 weeks to go and I am soo tired...

I have worked my backside off for the past couple of weeks, with the occasional rest day. Today, I have been watching the Wimbledon match - Konta and Williams, and feeling extraordinarily tired. I still have to go and do my workout yet, and all I want to do is curl up and stay on the sofa!

The problem is I cannot do that. I have to get this workout done. But I am so very tired. This is going to be a challenge of mind over matter. The body is weak but the mind is willing. Which will win?

I shall tell you which will win - the mind, because my body deserves to be worked, to be pushed, because it also deserves to be the best it can!

I have to remember all my motivation and the reason I am doing this. If that fails, I need to look up when a plane next goes over and imagine myself on that plane - first as I am now, and second as I want to be.

Here I go then....