Sunday, 16 July 2017

3 weeks to go - the race is on!!

I go on holiday in 3 weeks. Somehow, the diet and fitness plan just hasn't worked this time. My weight hasn't budged, and despite being healthy, I have not changed weight. I have exercised, and instead of the scales going down, they have gone up!

I do feel more streamlined, I do feel better, I do feel stronger and fitter. But those damned scales!! So now the holiday is imminent - time for a concerted effort.

I did consider the old faithful - the 3 day diet. However, on last attempts, it hasn't been a resounding success - quite the opposite. Rather than lose big amounts, I have either lost a pitiful pound or two, or worse still after 3 days of misery and practically starvation, I have actually, unbelievably, gained weight!! I have no idea what happened - possibly my metabolism fighting back thinking my body is starving - who knows. What I do know is that particular approach isn't an option this time.

So where does that leave me? Well, in short, where it leaves me is the wrong side of the stone mark, and with no choice but to go cardio crazy. If I can't lose weight through the nil by mouth approach, or by being healthy on the food choices, then it has to be exercise to break the status quo.

I shall endeavour to get my cardio in at least once, if not twice a day for 3 weeks. If nothing else, I will be stronger, more toned and in better shape than I am right now, even if the scales still refuse to budge.

Exercise has to be the key this time. And when I get back of course - this isn't just for holiday, its just that the holiday is imminent!!