Monday, 31 July 2017

48 hours to go

Let's face it, 48 hours isn't long. I'm not going to lose a stone, or suddenly become a fine tuned beach bunny.

However, 48 hours does give me time to do the following:

  • Lose a pound or two (hopefully)
  • Get rid of the bloat (stay off the bread and the carbs)
  • Drink lots of water to flush my self out (clear skin, always a bonus)
  • Cut out the alcohol (helps keep the will power, and doesn't make me as hungry)
  • Get another PT session in
  • Get everything waxed (believe me when I say I will be glad when that's over)
  • Get a spray tan (always feel more confident with a tan - fake all the way for me)
  • Get my nails done (lovely holiday talons)
  • Do a mini pedicure at home (no point wearing nice shoes with trotters for feet!)
  • Exfoliate, a lot, prior to the spray tan
  • Do my eyebrows
  • Have very light meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner for 48 hours
Basically, its enough time to slightly improve my body, but the main focus being to make the very best of what I have. Which is ok - holidays are meant to be enjoyed after all. 

48 hours is also not so long not to have a glass of wine or a cheeky voddy, and not so long to feel a little bit hungry. I can handle 48 hours!! 

Going to get plenty of sleep too. I will need it! ! So looking forward to it now :)

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