Tuesday, 18 July 2017

And now I've been invaded by ants!!!!!!!

Now its ants. Again. Slight bit of warm weather and here they are again - uninvited!

They put their first appearance in on Sunday and were blitzed with ant powder. I left it down yesterday, determined to be sure they had gone.

Tonight, I hoovered up the ant powder and the dead-ants, dead-ants, dead-ants dead-ants dead-ants, dead-ants, deadaaaaants. (think pink panther music - sorry!).

Literally, within seconds, the buggars were climbing out of the skirting again. Arghhh!!!!

Out of ant powder, I ploughed down to B&Q (other hardware stores are available) only to find that the shelves were virtually stripped bare of ant powder. Is there an ant epidemic sweeping Staffordshire lately? It would appear so.

Back to the house and they were rampaging everywhere. Ok, not exactly rampaging but they were crawling about up their corner in the hall. That's bad enough!!

More powder down and the hall once again looks like an explosion in a talc factory. Seriously, is this how I have to spend August?? It looks like crime scene investigations have been in dusting for fingerprints!! Not happy.

I also purchased an ant nest trap. Apparently it stops all ant activity in 3-6 days. I'm imagining swings and roundabouts, but I digress. The problem is that I don't want ants running around for 3-6 days, but neither do I want a hall full of powder.

What I want is for the ants to buggar off back where they came from, which I have a sneaking suspicion might be under the front step. That's fine - stay under the step, do not come into the house.

I need Gandalf - "You shall not pass!!"" I have nothing against ants per se, I just do not want them as house mates. This week has been a nightmare and its only Tuesday!! Nightmare. :(