Friday, 21 July 2017

Can you be thin and drink wine?

So this is the thought I'm mulling over. You see - I even reference wine without meaning to! Mulled wine - mulling over? Even my sub conscious rambling mind harks back to the same point of reference!!

Back to the point. Can you be thin and drink wine? For me, its my nemesis. I just can't seem to lose weight if I drink the vino. Worse still, it weakens my willpower and resolve and makes me want to eat more as well, so in my case drinking wine makes me fat.

This is not good news. Not at all. But I do so enjoy a glass of wine as there is nothing quite like it. I don't smoke, never done drugs of any sort, don't really have any vices of any sort really other than over eating of course. Unless you count coffee as a vice, I'm pretty good. Except for my love of wine.

I like whiskey, but I can take it or leave it. I like a lovely chilled pint of Peroni on a hot summer afternoon. But nothing gets me craving like le vino.

Can I lose weight though if I indulge myself? Maybe once I reach goal I might be able to have a few and stay slim but for now I think the answer is a resounding nope, no sirree, not a chance.

I'm therefore finishing the remains of the last bottle in the fridge and then its no wine for me for the foreseeable. At least until the next holiday - or maybe birthday!!

I shall cherish the fruit of the vine this evening. I have to live off the memory for quite some time so I had better enjoy every sip!! :(

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