Monday, 10 July 2017

Cosmopolitan Cocktails & Brandy Night Caps - Looking back at Hoar Cross Hall

At Hoar Cross Hall it's all about health in the daytime - treatments, spa, sauna, massages. But by night its all about indulgence. 

We had our 3 course meal following a bottle of bubbly in our room, wine with our meal (me) lager (him). Feeling full and content, we headed for a night cap. A brandy was in order, and it went down nicely. It wasn't quite time for us to retreat though. We had an idea - cocktails!! We explored the drinks menu, and the cocktail of choice for us was a scrummy Cosmopolitan. Wow.

One just was not enough though. So we had another. Well, we had earned it! Happy days :)

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