Sunday, 16 July 2017

I really want an apartment in Gran Canaria

We went to Gran Canaria last year. That was the second time we had been. The first time was in 2014 when we went to San Augustin. Last year, we went to Maspalomas. This year, we went to Melanores.

In 2014 we went in April, and last year it was October. April was windier and a bit cooler of an evening, but the weather in the daytime was beautiful on both occasions. This year we headed off in November, and it was lovely weather - totally beach weather for the whole week!

San Augustin was more beautiful - the beach, and the scenery, but Maspalomas is much livelier - it has a lighthouse, loads of bars and things to do. I love both to be honest!! This year, we discovered a whole part we hadn't found before - loads more restaurants, a live music bar - fabulous.

Ever since we got back from the second visit, I wanted to go back. We booked up again as we couldn't wait. A different hotel again this time half board rather than all inclusive.  Its just so amazing and why would anyone not enjoy it? The weather is just amazing at times of the year when you are limited to where you can go. We have been each year - 2014,2015 and 2016, but once a year is just not enough.

We have just been again this time in an apartment, but I want a place there.

I want an apartment. I keep imagining just deciding to go and stay there, on a whim, to our own place, with our own stuff. This is my dream, and sometimes, just sometimes, your dreams can come true.

I really do hope so :)

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