Thursday, 27 July 2017

It isn't just about the scales you know

I get a bit obsessed with the scales when I am trying to lose weight. Perfectly understandable, but then I have to remember that its not just about the scales. There are lots of other ways to measure the changes I am making to my body as I progress.

Such as:

  • my clothes getting bigger
  • my belly getting smaller
  • my face getting more shape
  • cheekbones reappearance
  • more energy
  • feeling stronger
  • seeing muscle tone
  • feeling my legs tighten
  • seeing my arms get leaner
  • being able to do a full push up
  • getting into a smaller clothes size
  • sleeping better
  • better endurance
  • clothes fitting properly
  • changing the clothes I wear
  • feeling healthier
  • losing inches
  • thinner fingers
  • smaller feet! 
These things are so important. I need to remember that these things matter as much as if not more than the number on the scales. 

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