Friday, 21 July 2017

Make like the Seaside at home

So the weather has been amazing this week in good old Blighty, but now, sadly, back to normal with rain and winds - in July!!

Which got me to thinking - if we do happen to get another chance at summer, how can I recreate the seaside given that we live nowhere near it?

Here is my plan to make our garden and home like being on a seaside break.

1 - make a sand pit
2 - get a paddling pool
3 - get a cocktail kit
4 - get some white fluffy towels
5 - get some beach towels
6 - pack a picnic
7 - get some soft ice cream and cones
8 - get the bbq out
9 - get some sea shells
10 - get a bucket and spade
11 - get a vintage swimsuit
12 - get some blackpool rock (doesn't have to be blackpool)
13 - get some games - giant jenga, giant kerplunk, bat and ball
14 - eat fish and chips in paper
15 - get some deck chairs
16 - make a "face in the hole" cardboard cut out of your choice!

Now there are the ingredients so I just need to lay them out to make it like being away at the seaside.

Obviously, once you have a sand pit, you can feel the sand between your bare toes and make sand castles! The paddling pool is clearly like dipping your toes in the sea - possibly a bit warmer though!

Cocktails for the adults, alcohol free virgin cocktails for the kids. White fluffy towels for after you get showered - wherever you stay, the towels are always white and fluffy!

Beach towels - of course. Plonk yourself down. Pack a picnic and eat Al Fresco. Ice cream in a cone - plus red sauce and sprinkles obvs. If in doubt, get the BBQ out - great if there are a load of you - bang on the burgers and the sausages, fry some onions - job done.

Get some sea shells and listen to the sea. Bucket and spade are obligatory. Vintage swimsuit - the British seaside is not for bikinis. Get you chops around some sticky sweet seaside rock.

Get silly with giant games, and make your own arcade games. For supper, fish and chips in paper is a must, with loads of vinegar, salt and pepper. Eat them sitting in a deck chair.

Finally - get your face in the hole, get a picture snapped and you are almost certainly at the seaside!

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