Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Advantages of Being Slim

  1. being able to wear anything
  2. enjoying getting ready to go out
  3. not being too hot and sweaty in hot weather
  4. looking good in a bikini
  5. not needing to cover up through embarassment
  6. more confidence
  7. clothes shopping a pleasure, not an endurance test
  8. wearing shorts
  9. toned back
  10. going braless and not tripping over! 
  11. not dreading the scales
  12. being able to go for a meal when I want
  13. being able to have a glass of wine guilt free
  14. having a photo taken 
  15. being more stylish
  16. feeling attractive
  17. cheekbones!
  18. no double chin
  19. no muffin top
  20. abs
  21. toned thighs
  22. slim arms no bingo wings
  23. comfier when flying 
  24. brave enough to go on water park or slides
  25. not worrying about being harpooned ! 
  26. not looking like pilsbury
  27. no rolls of fat when I sit down 
  28. looking like I should be at the gym when I am there
  29. owning clothes that fit properly
  30. owning a great pair of jeans

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