Wednesday, 19 July 2017

To spray tan or to not spray tan - that is the question....

Off on my holiday in a couple of weeks. I am naturally very fair indeed, and I do not tan, I burn a bit - not hugely, so all in all I come home pretty much the same shade I went, no matter the weather.

In the past, I have tried to tan - sunbeds were not for me, self tans - please - zebra stripes? Check. I have tried embracing my paleness to some success, but I have also tried spray tans. They seem to make me look healthy and more like I have a tan, but the problem is they fade.

So I've decided to look at the pros and cons for having one or not having one.

The advantages of having a spray tan:

  • a tan - obviously
  • healthy look
  • blend in with the tanned bods
  • limbs look slimmer
  • more flattering on my figure
  • feel more confident
The disadvantages:
  • streaks
  • fake tan lines
  • getting whiter as the week goes on
  • patchy when it fades
  • how to try and touch it up mid week
  • the cost
  • scrubbing it off my feet
  • not being able to shower after having it done
Hmm. Still undecided. What to do?