Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Love Island. Totally addicted to the shenanigans - its really fascinating. Not to mention envying how they can look so good in a bikini - one day! Its so dramatic watching them argue and try to work things out. I don't like Amber - thoroughly fake. I like Gabby and Mars, but Chris and Olivia - nope. Not convinced. Camilla - I really thought Craig was the one for her and she binned him off. I do get confused by the language - for instance - what is a melt? Anyone? Fun in the sun - love it! 

  • Big Brother. I think this year's housemates are hilarious. Joe the grumpy buggar, Chanelle - loud and proud, Ellie - falls for any male within a mile radius, Isabelle - orange or what! Crikey. These lot can start an argument with their reflection but its fun watching if you can stand the shouting! 

  • Emmerdale. OMG - it was Pierce's mum stalking Rhona. She so has to go through with the court case - he needs to go down. Emma Barton meanwhile is terrorising poor Arthur - she's just such a baddy! Loving the ongoing love life disasters of Charity, but so glad Cain and Harriet are out as a couple. I think its brilliant !

  • A Place in the Sun. Still obsessed with this program. This week I've watched an episode where they wanted to buy in Gran Canaria which is where I want a place in the future. Jealous much? Its amazing whats out there though if you know where to look for a bargain! Love it.