Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dream Big

Life is short, too short. Its important to have hopes and dreams or what's it all for? You could easily watch the news these days and become down and disheartened, thinking, wrongly, that the world is a terrible place where only bad things happen.

Lets make no mistake - bad things do happen.

So when it comes to hopes and dreams, you can hope for the best, and that's great. When it comes to dreams, you should always dream big. There is no point having small dreams.

If its a dream, then aim high. Shoot for the stars, reach for the moon, climb that mountain. If you aim for the pinnacle of the highest peak, you might only reach the midway point. But if you had only aimed for the foothills, would you have even tried to climb that mountain? Surely halfway to the top is better than staying at the bottom and not trying?

I'm talking about your dreams here. I'm not saying aim to be a brain surgeon as that's most likely unrealistic for most of us. I am saying that you should consider what it is that would make you feel fulfilled, give you satisfaction or happiness.

Maybe its running a 5K for the first time when you are a couch potato. Maybe its writing a book if you've got a good story. Maybe its getting on a plane to somewhere new. Or maybe its a career change, or a house move. Whatever it is, imagine it, picture it, dream it. Dream big.

You might need some small steps to make progress. But its the taking part that counts. Dream big. :)

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