Friday, 1 September 2017

Its September 1st and just 115 sleeps to Christmas!!

1st September already. How did that happen? Doesn't seem 9 months into the year. I noticed last night how early its starting to go dark again though, and yet it doesn't feel like summer has been much of a summer!!

115 sleeps until Christmas. How scary is that? Are you making plans yet? I am. This year will be the very first time I have done "the dinner". Eek!!

September then. What to do in September? Well the obvious one is to take a course. Loads of college courses start in September. I may even do so myself. Maybe.

What else? Well its a good month to start your pre-xmas exercise attempts. Its also a good month to save a few pennies - its not a month with big occasions. October - Halloween, November - Bonfire night, then of course December - Christmas and NYE!!

I always like to start reading a good book in September. I don't tend to unless its on holiday, but I find distracting myself with a good read is great when Autumn hits.

Getting outdoors is good in September, as the weather is still mild, but you might need to don your wellies and pack a waterproof!! Mind you, this year, thats been the case all summer!!