Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Resolutions for 2017 - reminder

Baby you're a firework

Resolution number 5: Be Stylish

Looking back at some of my favourite pics of me, there really aren't that many I like, but of those that I do, its always holidays I tend to look my best on.

So my resolution for this year is to be stylish full stop. Not just on holiday!!

Resolution number 4: Make and Save Money

Yes, its that time of year when the finances need an overhaul. The mission this year is to make more money, which is possibly on most people's lists, but also to save more money - double impact!!

The plan is to change job, earn more income wise. Then look at renewals for insurances and cashback opportunities. Also using coupons and vouchers and loyalty schemes.

Bulk buy goods at the cheapest price. Sell unwanted stuff, use less petrol and spend less on food and drink. The impact there will not only be on the old bank balance, but will reduce outgoings as well as having the nice side effect of helping my diet!!

Resolution number 3: Be Beautiful 

I have had my issues with confidence over the years. However, now I am 40 I have just decided to stop worrying and be "beautiful" if to noone else but myself.

I have silly skin that still flares up, I have some wrinkles and some grey hair and I am definitely not beach ready at the moment, but so what?

I can have fun with what I have, I am not huge, I am not that bad looking wise, so my resolution this year is to treat myself kindly as if I am beautiful and to make the most of what I have.

Resolution number 2: Lose Weight

This year, I am taking a different approach to my resolutions. I always say "reach goal weight", then I lose some weight, I enjoy my new found confidence, then take great holidays and gain it again.

So, rather than set myself a "target" I am just going to set myself the goal to lose weight. However much I can, until I feel good.

Resolution number 1: Learn Spanish

Last year, 2016, I made a start at learning Spanish. This year I want to actually start to speak it properly - I know a few words now, but I need sentences, conversation - general stuff.