Monday, 4 September 2017

Today it begins - the scales have been faced

have your cake and eat it - I did :( 

Well I had a shock this morning when faced with the daunting prospect of the weigh in. I knew it was going to be bad this time - you know this when clothes previously loose and hanging off you are suddenly skin tight - but despite this, facing the truth on the scales is still unpleasant business.

I have to admit that its not an unexpected weight gain - not one bit. I bought it, I ate it, I drank it - every ounce of it. I have been out for meals, I have drank the wine, I have eaten the cake. To the actual point where, whilst I am hungry - boy am I - I am also sick of feeling bloated and full and sick of eating and drinking rubbish. Well, not rubbish - but rich food and large portions.

This week is going to be tough indeedy. I have to somehow break the habits I have gotten into - not snacking when I feel like it and not exercising either, but choosing healthy options, smaller portions and keeping hydrated.

I have survived today - and I shall remain focused this evening, but at this stage of proceedings its the sheer vastness of the task ahead I find depressing. Its not that I only have to stick at this for a week or two, its going to take at least a month to get the weight off that I have gained. That's to get me back to where I was. To get back to the weight I usually get to, its going to take several months. To get me to goal weight? well that might take 6 months. If I don't have any major blips... Hmmm.

I need to make a plan - a realistic, honest plan, of what I might be able to achieve, how to do it, and what timescales. Day 1 and I am facing 6 months of getting fit, eating sensibly and not giving up. Well, I had my cake and I ate it and now I have to pay for it. Or stay uncomfortable in my formerly fitting clothes which now restrict circulation - bit of a no brainer really.