Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Films. Yes I am in a movie mood this week. I have watched new films - A Street Cat Named Bob which is fantastic, a sci-fi called Morgan, and the new Jason Bourne. I have watched a real oldie back from 1971 - Duel. I have also watched a classic - Goodfellas, and Rocky III. Loving the movies this week.

  • Corrie. Well who knew Andy was still alive? Well I say alive, that may well be a temporary situation based on Phelan and his temper. Clever stuff - recently Pat has been made out to be something of a nice guy, a good old chappie, and you almost forgot he was a wrong un! Gary is clearly going to get hurt, but loving that David and Shona are finally together. Even if she is the mother of the man who killed his wife. Crikey! 

  • Ray Donovan. Onto series 3 now, and its even better than the last one! From horibble pimps being knocked into pools, to affairs and murders you just never know what's coming. Poor old Terry has taken the fall for Mickey and ended up doing time, but somehow he is doing ok in there. Bunchy is running the gym, but Abby has had to step in to get the Mexicans to pay there dues. As for Ray? He is reeling after Kate the journalist has been brutally murdered by Avi. Things are looking bleak.