Sunday, 21 January 2018

Adult entertainment - no, not that!!

How can I relax? Yes, I am going to the gym and healthy eating, but how can I actually do something relaxing?

I don't mean going for a massage or a spa treatment - I mean just having some light hearted fun at home. I stumbled across a post about adult colouring.

Basically, a colouring book of a more adult theme - not X-rated or anything risque - just colouring. Filthy minds you all!!

There are some beautiful designs out there for adults. Fairy gardens, flowers in the shape of shoes, mosaics. All very detailed and intricate. But I can just about imagine how relaxing this must be after a stressful day at the office.

So what else is there for adults? Well, comping obviously, and of course blogging. I am slightly addicted to Candy Crush too. But what else is there for us adults to keep us entertained cleanly?

I suppose there is cooking. There is writing. There is painting? I was always better at sketching with pencils and pastels, but pastels are a bit messy. There is reading - done quite a bit of this lately.

I guess I could apply the same logic to adult crafting somehow? Maybe a hand made birthday card for someone? Or learning another language might be something else I could try.

Yes, I think I've got to rethink my usual glass of wine or take out and be more adult in my pursuits!! :)

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