Monday, 22 January 2018

Every pound = £1 pound x cumulative loss

I have an idea to help me with my motivation, and in regards to that, everything I can do that might just help I am willing to try. So, my newest idea to boost my focus is that for every pound I lose in weight, that equals one pound £ to spend on me.

Given that I have over 50 pounds to lose at the end of it, I shall be able to treat myself to something lovely with those pounds I have lost. However, as a different approach, for every pound lost, that equals £1 multiplied by the cumulative pounds lost.

I realise 50 pounds isn't going to buy me anything mega expensive, so the additional maths is going to make it much more rewarding.  Whatever I buy will be in memory of my shrinking self, and it needs to be something tangible to stop me gaining those pounds back again.

So lets work that out:

  • 1lb loss = £1 to spend. (1x1)
  • 2lb loss = £2 to spend (1x2)
  • 3lb loss = £3 to spend (1x3)
  • 4lb loss = £4 to spend
  • 5lb loss = £5 to spend
You get the picture. So by the end of my weight loss, I should have a significant amount, but only at the rate of loss. As in, if I lose 2 pounds, I earn £2 pounds. 

If you have any ideas on helping with motivation or weight loss, I am all ears.

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