Monday, 22 January 2018

I went to have my nails done, and came out with a piercing..

I went to have my nails done, and came out with a piercing...

It wasn't going to be an unusual day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Work, then getting my nails tidied up again post hols ( a few acrylics were looking worse for wear!). Plus they were still "holiday orange" which isn't exactly in keeping with the more refined "home me".

So, off I popped for my appointment. My nail lady was running late, which was fine. She kept me supplied with magazines and coffee, so it was some much needed "me" time, which I welcomed.

I watched as people walked in for their appointments, and to discuss piercings - ears, nipples, belly buttons. I heard the chat, the aftercare, the healing, and I started to think how I had wanted to get a piercing when I was younger.

In fact, it was on my list of things to do before 30. It was still on the list as one of many things to do before 40. Those milestones came, and they went, with no piercing.

My nail lady called me over, and she asked me how my holiday had been ( she was my pre-holiday nail technician and also the woman who had to wax me - not a task I envy!! ). She asked if I still was thinking about a piercing. Mid wax aka torture, I must have mentioned it.

I said I was, but I would probably still be thinking about it when I turned 60! She said "well, we're quiet this afternoon at this time, why not get it done?". Aghast I was like - no chance. Then I thought should I? So I text the other half. After an initial "r u kidding?" response, he amazed me by saying "go for it!".

I gulped and said maybe. They bought me over a form to fill in, and that was it. I took the plunge!! So now, I am sitting here with very lovely nails (blue for your information) and a pierced belly button. A bar with a sparkly at the end!

For a while it was a bit swollen and a bit red, but actually, it didn't hurt that much. It felt a bit weird, but wow - I have actually done it!! It only took me about 20 years to be brave enough, but turning 40 has clearly unleashed my inner self.

How your day can change!! :)

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