Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My Book of the Month - Dead Lake by Darcy Coates

I have never read anything by Darcy Coates before, so when I chose Dead Lake, it was a bit of an unknown entity. Billed as a supernatural thriller,  I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

When Sam heads to her uncle's remote cabin by the lake, her intention being to paint some new material for her forthcoming show, she gets more inspiration than she could ever have imagined.

Isolated, exhausted and tired, Sam tries to find motivation to paint, but somehow the images she produces don't quite seem to be her own....

This is a spooky tale 100%. I was reading this on a windy dark night, and I made sure more than once to check the doors were locked. It was that tense, and that is a rare find!

Sam sets out to find out just what is happening, having been completely spooked when she sees a man on the dock. She wasn't expecting anyone to be around. What makes matters worse is when she hears on the radio of all the missing persons cases in the vicinity.

With no phone signal, when she then finds her car has also been tampered with, Sam decides to call for help - the nearby ranger station. Cue a desperate race between Sam and her pursuer, as she uncovers grisly discoveries and finally unravels the mystery.

This is quite a short read, but the pace is breathtaking and it doesn't let up on the tension and suspense. A good read, and I shall definitely be heading for more of Darcy's output in the near future.

I would rate this a good 7 out of 10. The tension and suspense were great, but I would have liked a little bit more background on the main character Sam, as it was hard to attach with her. I also would have liked to know more about the perpetrator. Granted that would have made it a longer read, but a little more would have just filled it out that bit more. Great short read, recommended.

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