Friday, 19 January 2018

My favourite words - strange but true

I know this might sound a bit sad, and in all likelihood it probably is, but I have certain words that I love. They just sound good and feel good rolling off my tongue.

The first of my favourite words is this: Haberdashery.

I think this one seems to elicit some memory from childhood, some notion of fabric rolls, sewing patterns, cottons and crafts and good scissors. It makes me think of my nana and my mum. Mum still with me, but nana is long passed, and the word feels like she is with me.

The next of my favourite words is this: Bibliography.

The actual meaning of this is quite bland, but I just love the word. Its basically what you have to put in a book to show where you got your research etc..

My next favourite word is this: Swashbuckling.

Not a word you hear much in modern conversation I grant you, but nevertheless I love this word!! It makes me think of adventures and romance.

My next one is actually a brand but the word is : Swarovski.

Now I know that the sparkles from Austria are very beautiful, and I love them also, but its the word I love too. It some how feels beautiful in your mouth. I love to say it, to pronounce it and somehow it even looks pretty and appealing to me.

For my next word that I love its a foody one: Tagliatelle.

Yes, its pasta. Those long thin ribbons of pasta to be precise. But I love the word, because it sounds what it is - Italian. Unlike other names for pasta, this one  somehow appeals to me.

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