Monday, 15 January 2018

My Rainbow of Motivation - my new tool to help me reach goal weight this time

Red - R is for Realistic

Losing weight, getting fit, eating healthily - all very good, but weight loss goals need to be realistic. I am not going to lose a stone every week. 1-2 pounds is healthy and brilliant. No point expecting unrealistic weight loss, and then being disappointed.

Orange - O is for Organised

Many an attempt has failed due to not being organised. Planning to diet, but not making sure to have the ingredients in the house. Planning to cook something, and not having the cooking dish I needed, or the measuring jug, or the right size bowl. Being organised can be the difference between success and failure.

Yellow - Y is for You

Battling to get the weight off, sometimes its easy to forget why I am doing it. I am doing it for me, first and foremost. Not for someone else, or something else, although those things help keep me motivated, but ultimately, its my body so I am doing it for me.

Green - G is for Goals

It can seem so daunting at the start, at that first weigh in or even before that. When its a couple of stone you are facing down, its easy to panic and think its too much, will take too long etc.. Having an overall goal is great, but unless you only have a small amount to lose, its much better to break your main aim down into little mini goals. First goal could be half a stone, or perhaps to be under the stone mark for a certain occasion, and drop to the next number. By making little goals, and recognising your success in reaching each small goal, it will help get to the big goal in time.

Blue - B is for Body

Now this one really is my nemesis. I focus so much on the number on the scales, that I forget to look at my body and how its changing. So this time, I have taken before photo's at the start - front, back and sides, awful as they look, and I have taken measurements top to bottom. Now, when I inevitably have that week or weeks, when I have exercised, dieted, been so good, and lost no weight or even gained, I have another way of measuring my success - my actual body!

Indigo - I is for Incentive

Sometimes, despite all my will power and effort, I need a little more motivation to keep on track. So I set myself those small goals, and then I give myself an incentive or reward when I get there. It might be a pandora charm for each half stone lost, or a new pair of jeans for getting to a certain weight, or a trip to the beauty salon. However, this is one for caution - I have used food or drink as an incentive previously, and I am not alone in that. At my last slimming group I went to in person, I would often hear people celebrating losing that week, then saying they were off home for fish and chips as a "reward". Is that really a reward for all that effort that went into losing those pounds? I don't think so - my incentives are all about treating my body and mind not  my tum. The last thing I want is more weight - that's no incentive at all.

Violet - V is for Victory

Losing weight is hard, no denying it. It takes focus and it takes time, and it takes effort and commitment, and its not permanent. Losing weight is only one part, keeping it off is another story. I considered this and realised that for every time I battle my demons and win, its a victory. I have won that battle, if not the war. Its one battle at a time that leads to absolute victory. So each time I resist that glass of wine, or that biscuit, or that extra yorkshire pudding, or that cake - whatever it is, its a victory and should be recognised. Every time I go to the gym or get my ass on that treadmill at home, when every part of me is coming up with reasons and excuses not to bother, its a victory. I want to enjoy that feeling of winning each time, and acknowledge each battle I win. I will get there, and I will be victorious.

I have come up with this rainbow myself. I am constantly hopping on and off the diet and fitness wagon, so I decided to find my own self help mantra to motivate me and help me reach goal. I hope it inspires you. Let me know if you found it useful :)

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