Wednesday, 24 January 2018

My Retro Single of the Week - Robbie Williams - Angels

This week I have chosen the wonderful classic 'Angels' by Robbie Williams as my Retro Single of the Week.

Angels was released in December 1997. I had no idea it was that long ago. This was one of the many great collaborations between Robbie and Guy Chambers. Make no mistake, this song made Robbie huge!

It was the fourth single from his debut album, Life Thru a Lens, which was also released in 1997. Amazingly, it only reached number 4 in the UK chart. How can that be when its the song everyone associates with this guy? Unbelievable really, especially when you consider that this song is played at most of his live shows, not to mention at every wedding, anniversary or other such functions I have been since!!

The video is a subdued affair shot in black and white. Its moody feel features Robbie looking cool walking on a long beach, a  helicopter flying above him, breaking waves. There are close ups of a girl, and Robbie playing keepy ups with a football. Then he walking with her in his arms, wearing shades looking hot. They ride down the white beach on a motorbike whilst the helicopter flies overhead. It's a stunning video.

Angels is an anthem. Robbie sounds amazing, and if you have ever tried to sing it, you will appreciate his vocal talent and range - it is nigh on impossible to do the key changes and hit the notes he does so effortlessly.

The lyrics are truly beautiful. It begins "I sit and wait, does an angel contemplate my fate. And do they know, the places where we go, when we're grey and old". I could easily quote the whole song here, but jumping ahead to the chorus who hasn't belted this out at the end of a night out "and through it all, she offers me protection, a lot of love and affection, whether I'm right or wrong, and down the waterfall, wherever it may take me, I know that life won't break me, when I come to call, she won't forsake me" dum dum dum dum dum de "I'm loving angels instead". Oh my goodness even writing those words makes me feel emotional, and apologies for the dum dums, it just didn't feel right to exclude them!!

Such a stunning, beautiful, emotional and powerful song this. If you have somehow not ever heard this go and listen to it immediately!! You are missing out. If, like me, you already love it, then still go and listen immediately. I hadn't heard it for a little while - having not been to a wedding so far this year of course!! Playing it tonight made me feel good. 100% love this song. It just cannot be faulted in any way.

If you want more of Robbie, or more other music choices to inspire you, go check out My Music page here. Happy listening. :)

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