Saturday, 13 January 2018

Set your goals then keep them quiet!!

Here's the thing. I am blogging about this issue, but this time, I am not going to share my goals and plans with anyone else. Sounds a bit bonkers? Let me explain.

I am what you might call a yo-yo dieter. So what tends to happen is this - I lose weight, I go on holiday, I put weight on. I get back off holiday, gain a bit more, then lose it again. Then it might be another holiday, or Christmas and I gain weight again. And so it goes on.

Those nearest and dearest around me are, I have no doubt, at the wise old age of 41, heard it all before. My grand statements of how I am going to reach goal this time. I am also in no doubt, that they don't buy into anymore - they know it will be the same old same old. Maybe so, maybe not.

This time, I have decided to keep my goals to myself. To keep my ambitions hidden until I start to achieve them. At that point, I won't need to bore them with my antics. At that point, they can see for themselves.

So forgive me if you've heard this all before, but I have to tell someone!!! That means you this time :)

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