Monday, 22 January 2018

Single of the Week - Eminem ft Ed Sheeran - River

My single of the week is the brilliant 'River' from Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran.

Now imagine me turning on the radio and hearing a new Eminem track start, then imagine hearing Ed Sheeran featuring on it - two artists I truly admire and enjoy together on one absolutely superb track! Pure perfection.

'River' is actually taken from Eminem's ninth album 'Revival', but it was in fact written by Ed - well, the tune and the chorus anyway, the verses are Eminem's work. The result is just beyond satisfying. Both have a history of great collaborations, but this is just sublime.

That is not to say that this is a love song, goodness no it is not. This is a powerful, dark, brooding number, full of emotion. Ed's chorus lyrics kick in "I've been a liar, been a thief, been a lover, been a cheat". Eminem comes in with his verse "He's coming home with his neck scratched..... he's a sex addict, she just wants to exact revenge". Crikey.

The power these two can conjure up is phenomenal. I think this track is going to be the track of the year - granted it is only January, but this one is a keeper. Classic in the making.

If you have yet to hear this then what are you waiting for and turn the volume up! If you already love it, feel free to share that love. So there we have it - my first single of the week for 2018.

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