Monday, 15 January 2018

Staying in is the new going out :)

At the weekend, in my younger days that would mean going out in my lunch break to buy a new top / dress/ trousers / shoes etc.. ready for my night out.

As I got into my late 20's, it would be more about the accessories - the jewellery, the bags, the make up, that red lipstick. As I approached 30, it felt like I was going to every do, every night out, and I partied partied, partayed let me tell you!!

I turned 30, and I still went on work do's, I still went out with the girls. Then as I got into my mid 30's I got a bit bored of it. I was well into my relationship with my now fiance, but it wasn't even about that.

The whole thing just got, well, boring. I got sick of spending money on clothes, spending money on taxi's, spending money on expensive clubs and expensive drinks and waking up with the mother of all hangovers every weekend. The inevitable late night take aways, and the junk food cravings the day after.

The other half was still wanting to go and watch local bands, go to the town for a night out, and he's older than me!! I just wanted to go somewhere with a good atmosphere, somewhere to sit, and the volume at a level where conversation was still possible.

Fast forward to my 40's. Now, me and the other half are agree that staying in is the new going out. We actively look forward to our nights in. The weather can be hot or cold, the nights light or dark, and whilst we still enjoy a night out, its to go for a meal somewhere lovely or a drink in a nice place.

We like to be comfortable us two, and for us, a night in together watching box sets and having a drink without the worry of taxi's and queuing to us is fabulous.

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