Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The holiday grumps - smile will you!!

For most of us going on holiday means relaxing - eating, drinking, probably not moving that much - certainly no runs or gym sessions anyway. However, I am always fascinated by those that still look fabulous on the way home after a week or two all inclusive in the sun.

There are two groups of these types or so it appears to me. The first group, by far the minority, are those that are genetically lucky enough to actually eat what they want and not look like the pilsbury dough boy or girl (I am not one of these).

The there are the second group - this is those who don't indulge and pick and bit at fruit and healthy choices and steer clear of all the tasty nice stuff and hence don't really appreciate the true pleasure of the all inclusive (I am not one of these either).

The first group I envy, I think everyone does - who wouldn't want to just relax and not pile it on? Me for one. the second group I do admit I find intriguing. On the one hand, it annoys me immensely to see people unable to relax, still obsessively portion controlling and picking at tiny bits of food that wouldn't feed a mouse. For goodness sake why go on holiday if you are not going to enjoy yourself?

I get that for some people food and drink is not the be all and end all, and there are some who probably have jobs or lifestyles where they have to look good and I get that. Those are not the ones I am talking about. Those that exercise self control in such circumstances I admire. I can't exercise any self control on holiday as I have proved repeatedly, and I am not going to berate myself for it.

No, I mean those people that look glum. All the time. Skinny and miserable. They don't laugh, or join in with the entertainment, or get in the pool, or hit the water slides. No, they just skulk about, eating fruit and muesli and drinking water and looking well, damned miserable.

I always seem to wind up next to them waiting for them to pick over an egg white omelette or for their wholemeal toast - one whole round, to toast on the rotating toaster. I am quite a social person - I always am polite and well mannered, and I always open an opportunity for a bit of a chat in the queue with the person next to me. Not with these types though - ooh dear. I've tried and failed and have learned my lesson.

Bright bubbly types just don't do it - don't even try to engage. They will burst your bubble these folks. I don't mind if people don't want to enjoy themselves with food and drink, but for heaven's sake break a smile at some point on your hols. Life is for living!!

Yes, you look a-mazing in the goddess dress, all in white looking like Venus or someone, but good lord would it kill you to look like you are actually happy? What's the point of pouting about the place? Yeah, people might say - ooh you look nice, but they won't gravitate towards you and you won't have any stories to tell when you get home. You will just have your pics of you looking granted amazing, but with a face that would turn grown men to stone. Smile!!!!!! It won't kill you, and neither will a bread roll. Go on, go on go on go on go on !!!!!

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