Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Things to do after 40 - another for the list

Things to do After 40
  • Have regular massages 
  • Have a bikini bod (lots of squats required)
  • Maintain my weight
  • Go see a show at the theatre
  • Have a coat for every occasion
  • Get some glamourous 1950's vintage style dresses that make me rock!
  • Be manicured and pedicured always
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get my belly button pierced
  • Wear very short shorts in the UK (never done this ever)
  • Get killer abs
  • Go to the cinema with my guy, just him. 
  • Go to a very expensive restaurant.
  • Do a 5k run / jog - treadmill counts!! 
  • Stay in Chester overnight
  • Go on regular spa breaks
  • See more of my friends
  • Make more effort in general
  • Learn another language
  • Go to the cinema, alone
  • Scuba dive
And another one for the list:
  • Go to Wimbledon

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