Friday, 19 January 2018

This Week's Top Watch

  • Peaky Blinders. **Spoiler alert for Series 4**. The episode "The Noose" was intense. Michael, John, Arthur and Polly literally seconds from being hung. Goodness me - traumatic. Then the Italians are moving in on the Shelby's resulting in a shooting, and one of the Blinders is no more - he is deceased. Noone is safe now they have been sent the black hand. Scary stuff. The acting is superb, the camera work is so atmospheric, and the modern music throughout just gives it such a modern edge. Brilliant. 

  • Corrie. Phelan surely has to get his comeuppance soon. I know, I know - I've said this several times but seriously how many times is this man going to kill, hurt, injure, blackmail and just generally be unpleasant to before someone does for him? To the point where its actually getting a bit annoying now - firstly how stupidly ignorant Eileen is, and secondly how noone has worked it out yet. Come on - if this was panto, someone would be shouting "he's behind you"!

  • Orange is the New Black. We watched the first episode, not really having an idea of what it was about or what to expect. Now clearly, the main character is not your usual blonde American star of the series - she is going down for some serious time. She didn't immediately appear to be your villainess, but more that she got involved with the wrong woman. Cue now engaged to a man - none other that Jason Biggs of American Pie fame, its more a case of wrong place, wrong time, but nevertheless down she goes. Already, she's annoyed the inmate who runs the kitchen and had a rather unsavoury "treat" at the dinner table. Nice. Already a good watch, who knows where this is going to go but well worth a watch so far. 

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