Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Travels in Ireland - Belfast off the beaten track

During our trip to Ireland, we went to the tourist spots, as you do. The Giants Causeway, Bushmills whisky etc.. We wandered around the town, did a spot of retail therapy, sipped some wine, had lunch.

Then we decided to explore the older parts of town, the parts that you wouldn't usually encounter. We came across a fenced off and overgrown church.  

Now I'm quite partial to a beautiful building, and those that have fallen upon hard times have a mystical quality to them that draws me. I find it fascinating to imagine such buildings in their original glory.

Just look at the majestic architecture of this gothic style church. Beautiful arches and stone work yet overgrown with weeds and undergrowth. 

This church must have been the core of the community once upon a time. Seeing it like this so seems to conjure up emotions - sadness and despair, decay and neglect, but holds a certain fascination all the same. 

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