Monday, 8 January 2018

What's Coming up on The Eternal Hopeful for 2018

Its a New Year, and that means a new start for this little blog of mine. I'm not a new blogger - been going a year or two now, but by no means am I am old blogger!! Nor, for that matter, am I experienced in the ways of the blog - if there is such a mystical creature. No, I do this because I enjoy it - nothing more, nothing less.

Which brings me to my plan for the new year - 2018. I shall be continuing with my old faithful posts - diet efforts, travels, and general life. I will be renewing my previous music interests with my newly rebooted "My Week With" series where I pick an artist, choose 7 songs from their back catalogue, and then pick my top choice, and I am relaunching my "Single of the Week" and "Retro single of the week".

I am going to add some new features to my blog to keep things interesting - I am going to be doing a "book of the month" and a "movie of the month" review. Plus some posts around the weather and a load of Top 10 foodie stuff which are my staples.

I shall continue my bid to learn Spanish, and also my "word of the week" posts. Plus I will be launching a mini news round up called "what is happening in the world this week". In addition, I shall be restarting my "What I am watching this week" and renaming it as "This week's top watch", and "What I'm Listening to this week" will be relaunched as "Tunes of the Week".

My favourite blog posts ever have been my wishlists and my things to do, so they shall continue. Look out for things to do this month, or this season, or even this year!!

Another new addition is going to be my monthly "product review", and my monthly "wardrobe addition". So my blog schedule is going to look a little something like this:


  • Word of the Week
  • Spanish - this week's learning
  • Diet - this week's round up
  • Single of the Week
  • Retro Single of the Week
  • My Week With
  • What is happening in the world this week?
  • This Week's top watch
  • Tunes of the Week
  • Top 10's
  • Things to do
  • Movie of the month
  • Book of the month
  • Product review
  • Wardrobe addition
Now, as well as all of this, I shall be sharing holiday snaps, home cooking, tips, top 10's and all sorts of bits and bobs and interesting stuff. This year is going to be great!!! 

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