Monday, 14 May 2018

Oh my word - Holibobs are booked!

Its been quite a while since my bones had some sunshine. Last August to be specific was the last time we ventured abroad - we usually get some winter sunshine either late in the year, or early - March / April time. However, we had issues finding a dog sitter that was worthy of our furry baby so she came first.

Finally, things fell into place for us and we were able to get us booked up and off we go in August! I'm so excited - not least because we are off to Gran Canaria where my holiday heart lives - its the best place and I love it, but also because little (not so little) G is coming with us. We've been to GC four times, but she's never been so that will make it better still!!

Now I just need to lose a couple of stone to get me bikini ready - the lack of holidays has seen my waistline expand and that needs to be addressed but never mind that - I am going on my holibobs!! Hoorah!!!