Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Florentine - exploring the Hotel!

So I posted earlier about arriving at The Florentine - you can check out the Hotel appearance and room on my earlier post. 

I mentioned that the rooms all had names, instead of numbers and ours was called Dolafe. I have no idea what significance that name has, and I don't know what the other rooms are called either, but it was cute. A wooden engraved tag on the keys. Nice touch. 

So after freshening up in our lovely room, we headed downstairs to the bar area to explore what was on offer. The tables in the bar were all wooden, with an assortment of different comfy chairs and all with lovely candle holders. 

The bar was very well stocked. Lots of wines, whiskys and spirits, beers and ales - wonderful choice. Here is my other half busy choosing with our £75 credit!! 

There were little alcoves set in big bay windows, all with lovely patterned made to measure window blinds like this one. The windows were huge big picture windows letting in lots of light and very elegant. 

And so we began to indulge ourselves. I opted for Pinot Grigio, and the other half was on the G&T. 

I was fascinated by how they did the wine. He filled the glass with ice, left it to stand whilst he made up the G&T. Tipped the ice away, and poured in the chilled wine. The glass was all condensed and cold. Perfect! 

We then decided we had better go and get changed for the evening meal, having had several beverages!! No complaints at all. Polite and humourous staff and even a celebrity!! Come back soon to find out who!! :)

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