Sunday, 24 June 2018

Alcohol makes me want to eat this!!

Its a well known fact that when you have a glass or two of your tipple of choice (wine in my case) that the next day you will feel hungry and its never a salad you crave now is it!!

I didn't have a lot - a few glasses, so no hangover as such to report. No bad head etc.. but by gosh I am hungry! Have been all day. What I want to eat, what would really hit the spot would be this:

I am proper craving stodge. Cheese and onion pasty, chips, or a chilli con carne or lasagne. Or just a lovely fry up like this one. Why does it happen? Its always fatty stodgy salty stuff for me. I can't actually have any of course - its going to be hard enough trying to get the weight loss target this week as it is, but you tell my stomach that!! 

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