Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Christmas present disaster averted - phewf - everything happens for a reason

Well I was really organised last year. I planned what I was buying, had got most presents at the least planned if not purchased when 1st December swung around. I was feeling festive and calm.

Everything was organised. And then Peter Kay cancelled his shows - nooo!!! I was gutted on 2 levels - firstly because I was really looking forward to it myself, and second because it was the other halfs' main present. So then I had to think of something else to replace it.

Cue a week of brain wracking trying to come up with something as good, if not better, than Peter Kay tickets. I debated whether to tell him about the disaster, as he needed to know just in case I couldn't think of anything good - a sort of Bullseye style "here's what you could have won" moment if you will.

I can now say though, that actually, the presents I got for him were better in a way. Not better than Peter Kay would have been - he would have been great of course, but better in so much as he would have them there and then not have to wait until June which was the date of the show I had booked us.

It reminded me of the crisis pre- Christmas, as its mid June, and about the date we'd have been heading off to the show. Instead, we've been to see Ed Sheeran and Plan B, have already been on two weekends away in Wales, been white water rafting, and lots more to come.

Everything happens for a reason as they say/