Saturday, 9 June 2018

Dark Trees Belfast - A Game of Thrones

So I am quite the Game of Thrones fans now. What I had not realised was that one of my most favourite locations was the backdrop to one of the most intriguing series out there. Dark trees or dark hedges depending on what or whom you refer is the most singularly beautiful yet spooky place I have ever been.

We found it purely by chance on route from Belfast centre to the Giants Causeway. It was blowing a gale but with clear skies when we went, yet the gloom that these unusual intertwined beech trees set made me feel at once that the headless horseman off of Sleepy Hollow was about to put in an appearance. That was until I looked behind me. There is a large greyish manor house which for the world reminded me of Craggy Island and Father Ted!

I can entirely understand the choice of this place, but this is what beggars belief - this beautiful place, these old spooky trees - the whole appeal of the place was recently under threat. Some of the trees are dated upwards of 200 years old, and a road safety inspection cited that some would have to be felled. This fuelled speculation that the dark hedges would be lost forever. Thankfully, common sense prevailed and funding was secured to rescue them.

You must put this place on your list of places to see. There is nothing really near it, its off the beaten track - but there is plenty else to appeal in Belfast so make sure to look this up and add to your bucket list!