Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Gallery revamp

I have had a Gallery page for some time, and on it was the odd photo of me from the odd holiday over the years. So I decided to have a bit of a revamp, and make my gallery about the places and the memories. So I have started with Barcelona last year - capturing the best bits to look back on. 

My intention is to go back and add my holiday best bits, for my travels so its more interesting to look at, and might just give you some inspiration for your next holiday. It might just help me get back into that bikini too - bonus :) 

The link to the actual page is here if you want to check for updates - just click here

Barcelona 2017

Gran Canaria 2017

Gran Canaria 2017

Gran Canaria 2016

Gran Canaria 2015

Marrakech 2015

Gran Canaria 2014

Tunisia August 2014

Tunisia 2014

May 2014 - Gran Canaria

Menorca 2013

Menorca 2013

Egypt 2012

Egypt 2010

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