Tuesday, 5 June 2018

I Will Walk 10,000 steps!

I have set myself a goal - to walk 10,000 steps every day. Sounds simple, but its quite a lot of steps to reach for a desk dweller such as myself!

Saturday and Monday, I went to the gym, so hitting target was a doddle. Today, is not a gym day. How to reach that elusive target?

I have been mulling this over, and have come up with a plan.  This is the plan - each advert break that comes upon the TV, or the gap between programs, I intend to get up and do something, anything, so long as it involves moving. These will be 2-3 minute bursts, but will add up.

These are my ideas so far:

  • up and down the stairs a couple of times
  • dust the room 
  • walk on the spot
  • get on my stepper (small, non powered thing - works though)
  • put some washing on or hang it out
  • get my clothes ready for tomorrow
  • look out of the window
  • dance around
  • kicks
  • jog on the spot
  • spotty dogs
  • empty the bins
I'm sure there is more I can think of to do, just to keep moving. An idea has just come to me whilst writing this - I can make up some sugar free jellies - I can plod about whilst the kettle boils can't I, then walk to the fridge with each little jelly pot. Every little counts! Ooh - and I could make some frozen yoghurts up too! (quite nice if you haven't tried them and a lot cheaper than low fat frozen ones that you can buy). 

If this is all sounding a bit "meh" then believe me, it all counts. Last year, I set myself a similar challenge, and after three weeks of not losing any weight, by doing my steps each day, I was back to losing 1-2lbs a week, and continued to do so every week since making that change. I should have kept moving!! Right then, jelly here I come :)

What would you do to reach your steps? :)

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