Thursday, 28 June 2018

I'm Not Losing Weight - I Know Exactly Where its Gone

I have always aimed to lose weight. That has been a long term goal of mine for as long as I can actually remember. But then I got thinking - am I losing weight? Did I suddenly forget where I put it? Or wonder where it was hiding? Its a ridiculous term when you think about it really.

I haven't mislaid it - every pound I have lost, I have worked for. I have burned it, I have melted it to oblivion, its been obliterated - it is no more! I know exactly where it has gone - its gone, in the same way as the diesel in my car is gone after a long drive.

I've realised that the saying I have lost weight, or that I am losing weight, has quite a lot of negative connotations, so I am reframing my thinking on this issue. I shall no longer say I want to lose weight, but saying that kind of implies I might someday "find" that lost weight again. That's what happens to things you lose - sometimes you find them and I have absolutely no intention of finding these pounds again, not ever!

From this point forward, I am going to say that I want to get rid of the fat, the pounds, the weight. I want to reach goal weight by getting rid of the extra weight I am carrying - there shall be no more talk of losing weight. I am not losing weight, I am slimming down, I am becoming, each day, a better version of me, for me.

I shall say I want to reward my body by exercising it, instead of treating exercise as a punishment. My body may not be what I want it to be but whose fault is that ? Mine of course. But punishment doesn't work for me - rewards do. I need to reconsider the way I view my exercise, and see it as a treat, a challenge, a positive thing.

I may not be the slimmest, the fastest, the strongest, but I am there, giving it my all and that is all I can ask. The only bad workout is the ones I miss. I'm tired of starting again, so this time, I am not going to give up.

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