Sunday, 24 June 2018

Next Holiday Destination???

We decided to book in advance for once for next year's hols. Usually, we book between 3 & 6 months ahead, but we thought we would get organised. Well, that was the plan anyway.

Cue 2 months or so of us browsing holiday destinations and we are still nowhere even close to decided. It's starting to become annoying now.

I love a beach holiday, but my other half only likes beach holidays. Whereas I would like to alternate. One beach hol, one exploring hol not necessarily somewhere hot. There is a huge world out there.

So we almost agreed that we would go to America - New England, just the two of us. Then enter G into the equation. She wants to go to the USA too. Now, New England is Stephen King land, and I wanted to go in the fall when the trees are in their autumn colours. This is not a hol for a 12 year old.

Then we started to consider Orlando. This would be with G. The first hurdle was the time away issue. As in you need two weeks not one. That was resolved quicker and easier than expected.

There is a lot to do there so we looked at a twin break. Disney, Universal, Florida, Miami, Seaworld - crikey! But then there are other places in the USA that I want to go. Namely Washington, New York, Chicago to name but a few.

Not to mention the Caribbean and Hawaii! So that got us onto cruises. We also want to go on a cruise. I want to go to the Caribbean. The Med is the destination of choice for my other half.

But we also want to go to Greece. An all inclusive yes, but also an island hopping trip. Some just me and him, some the family. Depends when and where as to which is which.

But then again we love the Canaries. We have been to Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura together, and I have been to Lanzarote before, and I love them.

So where do we go? Do we do the Med? If so, do we do all inclusive, island hopping or a cruise?

Or do we go longhaul to the USA? Do we go to touristy Orlando or off the beaten track South America?

There is so much world out there to see, its hard to pin it down. More research me thinks. Back to the drawing board!!

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