Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Phones and washing machines = disaster of epic proportion!! (looking back)

I appeared to have woken up intent on causing mayhem. Cue first of all knocking over a pint of water. The kitchen was swimming. I should have seen it as a sign to be careful around water in hind sight. Wonderful thing hindsight, but zero use in preventing said disaster.

The other half is always moaning at me for not loading the wash, so for once I did. I loaded up the washing machine with colours. There then followed a confusing couple of minutes of playing "hunt the phone". I could not find my phone anywhere.

You know when you get that sick feeling in your stomach, when you are filled with dread? Well I had that sinking feeling of dread as the realisation of where the phone was occurred to me. The last time I had seen it, was in my pocket on my PJ top. My PJ top that I had just put in the washing machine!!

It was then a frantic attempt to stop the washer in order rescue it. There it was, amid the washing, dripping wet. Arghhhh!!! It was then resting up in a bowl of rice in a bid to dry off after its bathe. Its still working, just about, but the screen was all distorted.

I was not happy, and praying it survives its adventure!!!!!!!!
frown emoticon